For almost a decade now, Chapman Guitars has grown and refined itself through hardwork and a belief in its core ideals.

We truly believe in listening to and trusting in the experience of musicians, because through opening ourselves up to collaboration with the public we keep our finger on the pulse, our feet on the ground and our eyes on the goal.

It is through being receptive to the thousands of dedicated, passionate and hardworking guitarists out there, that we have been able to strengthen our company, putting down deep roots and celebrating music by realising the dreams of our fellow musicians.

To that end, Chapman Guitars is proud to announce the new British Standard Series of guitars are beautifully handcrafted boutique instruments of an exceptional standard made by a very small team of highly experienced luthiers in a small British workshop.

Flying the flag for Chapman and England this new line will be made one at a time, by hand in extremely limited numbers. These are premium priced guitars that will look, sound & play as good as anything you could imagine.

With premium parts, beautiful woods, Nitro finishes and hours of attention to detail, the Chapman British Standard will be an instrument to be very proud of and we hope you love them as much as we do.

Details to follow shortly