1. Do you offer custom orders?

No. Currently we do not have the capability to offer one-off customised options on our guitars, or fully custom orders. Guitars are offered as standard through Chapman Guitars approved retailers.

2. There isn't a Chapman Guitars retailer in my country, can I still buy a Chapman guitar?

In most cases, yes. Our dealers ship to a variety of regions outside their home country, so the best thing to do is contact your nearest retailer and ask about your specific country. We are working hard to bring Chapman Guitars to you, wherever you are!

3. I want to buy/have bought [insert guitar name], but my nearest retailer says it will take a few weeks to arrive, why is that?

Chapman guitars are manufactured to order and a retailers stock is dependent on what guitars they order. Most of the time any new models or sold out models will be back in stock within a few weeks - if you can't wait that long, please check with another retailer!

4. What is the Chapman Guitars warranty?

For full details on our warranty, please click here.

5. Will you be doing [insert idea] in the future?

We are always thinking of new ideas and concepts for the future. We also really value your input and read every suggestion. But if we told you everything we had planned, that would be boring, right?!

6. I have a suggestion / design idea / compliment / other, how do I let you know?

You can visit any of our social media pages or send us a message on our contact page.

7. I have a ML3 BEA signature model and am unable to secure the tremolo bar to the bridge.

Once you slide the tremolo bar into the socket, push the bar down to raise the bridge, you will find a grub screw located underneath that will secure the tremolo bar in place.